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Bruce Speck Quote of the Day

April 9, 2010


Welcome to the Answer Kiosk

April 8, 2010

An area blog is Turner Reporting that the Student Press Law Center is covering the U’s “media policy.”

Apparently Bunker Bruce has locked himself in his room like a petulant child. And he has probably invited pals Brad, Rob and Mark over for a play date.

Where, oh where, is The Joplin Globe? Turner Report, Chart, SPLC. No Globe. They are what old J.R. Ewing (No relation to Trey, but just as dangerous) would have termed “All hat, no cattle.”

The Assman foldeth.

When a university is so messed up and kids have to ask the tough questions and force the administration into being as accessible as Kim Jong Il, we have really slipped.

Where’s Bruce?

April 7, 2010

RTV has been pretty scare lately.

Well we understand. All great heroes have to hide out sometimes. Like MacArthur on Battaan. A long-neglected song makes it’s, um, return. Sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Dugout Doug MacArthur lies a shakin’ on the rock,

safe from all the bombers and from all the sudden shock.

Dugout Doug is eating of the best food on Bataan,

and his troops go starving on.

Dugout Doug’s not timid, just cautious, not afraid.

He’s protecting very carefully the stars that Franklin made,

four-star generals are as rare as good food on Bataan.

And his troops go starving on.

Dugout Doug is ready in his Chris-craft for the flee

over bounding billows and the wildly raging sea.

For the Japs are pounding on the gates of Old Bataan,

and his troops go starving on.

We’ve fought the war the hard way since they said the fight was on.

All the way from Lingayen to the hills of Old Bataan.

And we’ll continue fighting after Dugout Doug is gone.

And still go starving on.

More Vast Insight

April 7, 2010

“We appreciate their interest,” he said. “We will consider their comments along with many others we have received. Based on all the information we gather, we will do what’s in the long-term best interest of the people in this area.”

On the Israeli/Palestinian question.

(We think)

Of course, we jest. But we think that would be his answer. If he did answer. The phone, that is.

Vast Insight

April 5, 2010

Words from Rod Surber

“We appreciate their interest,” he said. “We will consider their comments along with many others we have received. Based on all the information we gather, we will do what’s in the long-term best interest of the people in this area.”

Regarding folks that want to keep the Prairie, and from a story in The Joplin Globe.

Asshat of the Week

April 2, 2010

Introducing the master of bullshit.

Bruce Lite

From the Globe:

Surber sent three e-mails to the Globe on Monday to provide answers to the initial questions and some follow-up.

“Dr. Speck will continue to remain as open as possible, as his busy schedule allows and as issues he feels he needs to address directly arise,” he wrote. “This is simply a reminder that the policy exists and that the university seeks to provide all the appropriate information the media requests in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

And this one from The Chart:

“I’m sure over time, as his calendar continues – it’s always been busy to overflowing – it’s just a matter of managing his calendar and those kinds of things,” Surber said.

Three e-mails? Gee, there Hot Rod, how ’bout the courtesy of a phone call? And what is on the overflowing calendar?

But the best was the self-serving, infantile, Trey-like post he left on the Chart website:

Rod Surber

posted 4/01/10 @ 5:37 PM CST

While I may disagree with some of the conclusions and interpretrations appearing in the story, and I could and did site similar policies from many other Universities and, in many cases, policies that are vastly more comprehensive than our policy, this is a fair story. But I do want to clarify a couple of points. First, employees are not completely “free to do what they want.” I don’t recall making that statement, but if I did, it wasn’t meant in the manner in which it appears in the story or I simply misrepresented my thoughts. In any organization employees are expected to (and generally want to) support the institution and its policies, or they must go through appropriate channels to change those policies. I don’t get to “do what I want” in many cases, at work or at home, for that matter. Universities are different from “normal” businesses in many respects and that is good in most cases. I fully understand that fact. But, employess still don’t “do what they want.” All of us answer to someone in the organization, whether it is faculty, staff or administration. I believe I stated that “reporters” and the media have their own set of rules and guidelines and they will do what is in their best interest. We are not dictating what the media does, nor would I ever be foolish enough to think that I or anyone at the University had such power or influence. Regarding the issue of “punishment”, I would not refer to it in those terms nor do I even think of that. I would hope most of us would see the value of good communication when it comes to promoting and protecting the University’s mission and reputation. I personally seek cooperation and collaboration. In University Relations & Marketing we are not looking to “punish” anyone. We are looking for what all humans seek – cooperation and understanding. If there are issues that only the President can and should respond to, The Chart and other media, will have any necessary access. If our office or other administrators can more effectively and efficiently answer questions, I would hope The Chart and other media would appreciate that. As a journalist (and I still consider myself as such) and a former managing editor, I understand the issues on both sides of this issue quite well. I believe if we all use common sense, patience and understanding, each of our goals can be satisfied. However, from time to time, I am sure we will have to agree to disagree – that’s life. I believe The Chart is doing a great service to the campus community, and students learning the value and technical aspects of working in a free press is of the highest importance, in my opinion. In fact, I wish more students in all majors would take more communication classes (Dr. Moorman, do I get extra credit for that statement?). I do believe that with all sincerity. If I were King – I would require more, but we know I am not. Have a great day and keep working hard.

Chart hires new editor…

April 2, 2010

Jesus. I guess go big or go home, huh?

Anyone else read the campus weekly wipe this week? I guess those guys just upped the Assman’s ante. They basically gave an ink and paper middle finger to the clowns running the U.

An editorial on the front page? That is as serious as a Jessica Biel ass shot (see below). You just have to stop, pay attention and respect the shit out of the moment.

Speck closes “open door” policy

March 30, 2010

Greg Assolano of The Joplin Globe is good at reporting news in a way that calls bullshit on people when it is part of the story.

For instance, the Ass Man reported Rod Anderson’s shitty phone ettiquitte before The Chart did. (Keep it real, Trey)

From a November story on the VPAA search fiasco:

Rod Anderson, president of the Missouri Southern Board of Governors, declined to comment on Johnstone’s withdrawal, saying it was a personnel issue.

He hung up before the Globe could ask further questions, saying, “I’m through talking.”

Well Ass Man is at it again. This time he reports the news straight, but the U provides high comedy. Apparently, Rod Surber is the most powerful man at MSSU.

The Globe’s efforts to obtain direct comment from MSSU President Bruce Speck were unsuccessful Monday. A Globe reporter who called Speck’s office was referred to Surber, and was told that the university will be applying a policy that was adopted June 17, 2008, by Speck and his top administrators.

The policy states that reporters attempting to contact university employees or students are to be first referred to the university relations and marketing office.

Speck did not respond to an e-mail request for an interview, and questions about the new hires and the media policy.

This flies in the face of some well-known Speckitudes. Like these from a Derek Spellman/Ass Man story in October 2009:

When Speck arrived in the winter of 2008, he signaled a new era. He said he would take — and later said he did take — measures to be more accessible and transparent than his predecessor. He said he would institute a culture of planning and accountability. He would educate faculty and staff about the finances. He would help the university transcend its traditional methods, territory and outlook.

Or this one from earlier in the same article:

He curbed the president’s power and presence on the faculty senate. He announced an “open door” policy. He conducted summit meetings with faculty and staff. He sent e-mails and memos. He has deferred to a committee charged with devising a strategic plan — a vision — for the university, saying he does not want to foist his own vision onto Missouri Southern.

But Ass Man keeps it comin’ love. He looks at the dollars. He wanted to talk to talk to the “Baritone of the Bunker,” but just got more from Surber. And this was on a day the university made a major announcement regarding administrative positions. Darren Fullerton just got a $46K raise and the reporter notes:

Before Monday’s announcement, the university had added $170,000 in administrative salaries since last November.

The Ass Man ends with a quote that speaks for itself:

“Our policy is not unusual for universities or private businesses,” according to Rod Surber, director of university relations and marketing. “We will continue to be as open and responsive to the media as possible.”

This guy signed his name, too.

March 26, 2010
Will Lynch is an intern in Jefferson City. He is assigned to Sen. Jack Goodman’s office according to an MSSU press release from November 2009.
He is a former president of the MSSU Student Senate.
Ben Hinkle is a former president of the MSSU Student Senate.
As we recall, both sat as acting student representatives to the Bored of the Governors.
Sounds like student leaders like The Chart, Trey.
From The Chart’s website comes this comment about the pesky little paper’s latest open records request:

Will Lynch

posted 3/24/10 @ 11:18 AM CST

I’m proud of the Chart. This is another positive move that is not only beneficial to the University, but also is especially beneficial to the students and others interested in the community for having the opportunity to view important information that could potentially have a large impact on the way our university is run.

A copy of the Chart was brought to Jefferson City this week and everyone in our office was impressed with the layout and content of the paper. It is among the best I have ever seen, including large city newspapers. I especially commend this years staff for the credit they have brought to the University by putting together a great piece of journalism.

Seeking nominations for Asshat of the Week

March 24, 2010

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