Asshat of the Week

Introducing the master of bullshit.

Bruce Lite

From the Globe:

Surber sent three e-mails to the Globe on Monday to provide answers to the initial questions and some follow-up.

“Dr. Speck will continue to remain as open as possible, as his busy schedule allows and as issues he feels he needs to address directly arise,” he wrote. “This is simply a reminder that the policy exists and that the university seeks to provide all the appropriate information the media requests in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

And this one from The Chart:

“I’m sure over time, as his calendar continues – it’s always been busy to overflowing – it’s just a matter of managing his calendar and those kinds of things,” Surber said.

Three e-mails? Gee, there Hot Rod, how ’bout the courtesy of a phone call? And what is on the overflowing calendar?

But the best was the self-serving, infantile, Trey-like post he left on the Chart website:

Rod Surber

posted 4/01/10 @ 5:37 PM CST

While I may disagree with some of the conclusions and interpretrations appearing in the story, and I could and did site similar policies from many other Universities and, in many cases, policies that are vastly more comprehensive than our policy, this is a fair story. But I do want to clarify a couple of points. First, employees are not completely “free to do what they want.” I don’t recall making that statement, but if I did, it wasn’t meant in the manner in which it appears in the story or I simply misrepresented my thoughts. In any organization employees are expected to (and generally want to) support the institution and its policies, or they must go through appropriate channels to change those policies. I don’t get to “do what I want” in many cases, at work or at home, for that matter. Universities are different from “normal” businesses in many respects and that is good in most cases. I fully understand that fact. But, employess still don’t “do what they want.” All of us answer to someone in the organization, whether it is faculty, staff or administration. I believe I stated that “reporters” and the media have their own set of rules and guidelines and they will do what is in their best interest. We are not dictating what the media does, nor would I ever be foolish enough to think that I or anyone at the University had such power or influence. Regarding the issue of “punishment”, I would not refer to it in those terms nor do I even think of that. I would hope most of us would see the value of good communication when it comes to promoting and protecting the University’s mission and reputation. I personally seek cooperation and collaboration. In University Relations & Marketing we are not looking to “punish” anyone. We are looking for what all humans seek – cooperation and understanding. If there are issues that only the President can and should respond to, The Chart and other media, will have any necessary access. If our office or other administrators can more effectively and efficiently answer questions, I would hope The Chart and other media would appreciate that. As a journalist (and I still consider myself as such) and a former managing editor, I understand the issues on both sides of this issue quite well. I believe if we all use common sense, patience and understanding, each of our goals can be satisfied. However, from time to time, I am sure we will have to agree to disagree – that’s life. I believe The Chart is doing a great service to the campus community, and students learning the value and technical aspects of working in a free press is of the highest importance, in my opinion. In fact, I wish more students in all majors would take more communication classes (Dr. Moorman, do I get extra credit for that statement?). I do believe that with all sincerity. If I were King – I would require more, but we know I am not. Have a great day and keep working hard.

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