Speck closes “open door” policy

Greg Assolano of The Joplin Globe is good at reporting news in a way that calls bullshit on people when it is part of the story.

For instance, the Ass Man reported Rod Anderson’s shitty phone ettiquitte before The Chart did. (Keep it real, Trey)

From a November story on the VPAA search fiasco:

Rod Anderson, president of the Missouri Southern Board of Governors, declined to comment on Johnstone’s withdrawal, saying it was a personnel issue.

He hung up before the Globe could ask further questions, saying, “I’m through talking.”

Well Ass Man is at it again. This time he reports the news straight, but the U provides high comedy. Apparently, Rod Surber is the most powerful man at MSSU.

The Globe’s efforts to obtain direct comment from MSSU President Bruce Speck were unsuccessful Monday. A Globe reporter who called Speck’s office was referred to Surber, and was told that the university will be applying a policy that was adopted June 17, 2008, by Speck and his top administrators.

The policy states that reporters attempting to contact university employees or students are to be first referred to the university relations and marketing office.

Speck did not respond to an e-mail request for an interview, and questions about the new hires and the media policy.

This flies in the face of some well-known Speckitudes. Like these from a Derek Spellman/Ass Man story in October 2009:

When Speck arrived in the winter of 2008, he signaled a new era. He said he would take — and later said he did take — measures to be more accessible and transparent than his predecessor. He said he would institute a culture of planning and accountability. He would educate faculty and staff about the finances. He would help the university transcend its traditional methods, territory and outlook.

Or this one from earlier in the same article:

He curbed the president’s power and presence on the faculty senate. He announced an “open door” policy. He conducted summit meetings with faculty and staff. He sent e-mails and memos. He has deferred to a committee charged with devising a strategic plan — a vision — for the university, saying he does not want to foist his own vision onto Missouri Southern.

But Ass Man keeps it comin’ love. He looks at the dollars. He wanted to talk to talk to the “Baritone of the Bunker,” but just got more from Surber. And this was on a day the university made a major announcement regarding administrative positions. Darren Fullerton just got a $46K raise and the reporter notes:

Before Monday’s announcement, the university had added $170,000 in administrative salaries since last November.

The Ass Man ends with a quote that speaks for itself:

“Our policy is not unusual for universities or private businesses,” according to Rod Surber, director of university relations and marketing. “We will continue to be as open and responsive to the media as possible.”


One Response to “Speck closes “open door” policy”

  1. Any Similarity Says:

    Notice the similarity between the Ks City Medical School adding huge amounts of Administrative salaries and costs and what is happening at MSSU. No wonder Speck got along so well with the (fired) Karen Pletz.
    Maybe the MSSU Board of Governors should take some training from KCUMB board.
    MSSU has failed searches for administrators so spends huge money on people who were already here but hasn’t added a faculty member (the people who actually teach the courses) in how long?

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