This guy signed his name, too.

Will Lynch is an intern in Jefferson City. He is assigned to Sen. Jack Goodman’s office according to an MSSU press release from November 2009.
He is a former president of the MSSU Student Senate.
Ben Hinkle is a former president of the MSSU Student Senate.
As we recall, both sat as acting student representatives to the Bored of the Governors.
Sounds like student leaders like The Chart, Trey.
From The Chart’s website comes this comment about the pesky little paper’s latest open records request:

Will Lynch

posted 3/24/10 @ 11:18 AM CST

I’m proud of the Chart. This is another positive move that is not only beneficial to the University, but also is especially beneficial to the students and others interested in the community for having the opportunity to view important information that could potentially have a large impact on the way our university is run.

A copy of the Chart was brought to Jefferson City this week and everyone in our office was impressed with the layout and content of the paper. It is among the best I have ever seen, including large city newspapers. I especially commend this years staff for the credit they have brought to the University by putting together a great piece of journalism.


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