He ain’t a clock, but he’s right on time

Well Trey went and did it.

He called out Ben Hinkle. And Ben is all over The Chart’s website making comments and shit.

Here is our take. Just imagine Johnny Cash singing Big John to the intros to the quotes from Ben. Big Bad Ben.

Kind of broad at the shoulders, narrow at the hip.
And everybody knew you didn’t give no lip to Big Ben.

Matthews/Plaster Auditorium, packed full of students, standing room only, all clamoring to speak in support of the mission at lunch time on a friday, not even having enough time for everyone who wants to talk to have the chance. Local businesses who need graduates with international experience and linguistic competence, now more than ever as our economy implodes. The entire faculty in an uproar. Your education. State law.

Nobody seemed to know where Ben called home
He just drifted into town and stayed all alone.

What do all those things have in common? The Board over the past couple years has consistently shown a blatant disregard for all of them, and at times even appears to hold them all in open contempt. The students spoke, the faculty spoke, the Board ignored all of them, and now it’s everyone’s businesses and everyone’s educations that will continue to suffer as the number of qualified students who can operate in an international environment and who graduated within a 60 mile radius of Joplin continues to dwindle.

Through the dust and the smoke of this man made hell,
walked a giant of a man that the minors knew well.
Grabbed a sagging timber and gave out with a groan,
and like a giant oak tree he just stood there alone, Big Ben

Nixon demands that you freeze tuition costs in exchange for taking state funding cuts so that he can make good on his contradictory campaign promises. Get out of that deal, any schmoe can tell it’s one that sets you up for failure. Southern’s academics at my last check accounted for an embarassingly small fraction of the budget costs and about 100% of the budget cuts, find something else to cut back on already. Part of SB 389 that everyone keeps crying about gives Student Senate the unchecked power to raise tuition any amount it wants. That sounds like a group of people I’d want to chat with, if for no other reason than to see where they stand on using it.

There might not have been a vote on it, but you guys better open your eyes and realize that Speck isn’t the only one that people don’t have confidence in anymore. There are a lot of budget options that anyone can see, and that anyone can see you not taking advantage of. You were appointed by the state to guide this institution through precisely this type of situation in one piece. Act like it.

Unless of course you have better things to do, like nitpick the word choice and grammar of anonymous online news comments, or whine about the comment policies adopted by basically every newspaper in America. Which state statute is it that makes you guys the editors in chief for every newspaper in Missouri, again? I can’t seem to find it.

Now they never re-opend that wortheless pit,
they just placed a marble stand in front of it.
These few words are written on that stand,
‘At the bottom of this mine, lies one Hell of a man, Big Ben’

Big Ben
Big Ben
Big Bad Ben
Big Ben.


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