Does anyone teach public relations at MSSU?

Great Caesar’s Ghost!

Let us get this straight. Bored of the Governors member David Ansley uses the term “fag.” He is removed by the Missouri Governor. OK. He RESIGNED. But after he RESIGNED, Nixon appointed Trey in like two seconds.

Prior to Logogate, students, faculty and staff had asked for a change to the school’s non-discrimination policy and had reported some incidents. So in response to Ansley’s RESIGNATION, the administration and Bored misses the opportunity to say “We’re changing the policy. See how we respond to things? In a progressive, thoughtful manner.”


Instead, the brain trust stonewalls. It says in action if not words, “We would like for you to do sit-ins and chalking and shit. Please make us look like backward dickholes. We can’t get enough of this negative press shit. Pile it on.”

Good bondage mistresses would consider these people “hardcore.”

The Equality Alliance showed up and the Bored meeting from reports looking like they were interviewing for a job at the White House. They sat quietly. They did all the right things that minority groups do in the beginning of their causes. (How did that work out for you, Faculty Senate?) And the Bored ignored them and formed a committee. And on that committee is Trey. And — along with Hot Rod — he has skin thinner than a Hooters girl’s T-shirt on spring break.

Time to go guerrilla, gang. Do something that gets their attention. Find your bus, lunch counter or Stonewall Inn. And don’t be denied. It will get you publicity and it will get them moving.

Unless they get sidetracked because The Chart notes that Trey’s belt and shoes don’t match. But if they do, maybe he will call them “fags,” and we will solve another problem.


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